Product Description

Dashboard Polish Spray
1. Dust proof, fade-proof, anti-aging, chapping and cockling resistance.
2. Protect car dashboard, leather, tyre, bumper, household furniture and plastic products from ultraviolet radiation, high temperature and ozone-gas.
3. Fragrances: strawberry, apple, lemon, peach, rose, jasmine, vanilla, lavender, orange and international, etc.

1. Shake well before spray;
2. Keep 15-25cm away from the surface when spray;
3. Use cloth to wipe the surface to make it shinning;
4. Clean the surface of the tire before operation.

1. Keep away from Children;
2. Operate in ventilated place;
3. Store the product in the place under 40 centigrade;
4. Don’t put it in the car and keep away from heat and fire.