Stoic: The Award-Winning Company

Stoic.The Award-Winning Company   Yes! That’s who we are. An award-winning company! In recognition of Stoic Company Ltd’s, achievements and implementation of values, various institutions of repute have awarded it the following awards: 

1. Top 100 mid-sized companies award

2. The ELNET integrity award

1. The Kenya Top 100 mid-sized companies award

Kenya’s Top 100 mid-sized companies Survey (‘Top 100 Survey’) is an initiative of KPMG Kenya and Nation Media Group. The Survey seeks to identify Kenya’s fastest growing medium sized companies in order to showcase business excellence and highlight some of the country’s most successful entrepreneurship stories.

For the year 2011/2012, Stoic Company Ltd featured in the Top 100 list of mid-sized companies in Kenya. Essentially, a “Top 100 Mid-sized Company (‘Top 100 Company’) is one which ranks ahead of its peers in terms of revenue growth, profit growth, returns to shareholders and cash generation/liquidity. A Top 100 company has succeeded in progressively growing its market position in the industries in which it operates and over time,This growth has translated into both returns for its shareholders and a fairly sound financial position.

2. The ELNET integrity award

The Executive Leaders Network (ELNET) is a ministry of Life Ministry Kenya. It exists to influence leaders both in the corporate and religious circles towards godly transformation. It also seeks to engage leaders of integrity in solving societal problems. This network targets leaders because every organization or nation is a good as the quality of its leaders.

Stoic Company Ltd received the ELNET Mark of Ethics (2013 Awards) Ethical Business Practice for attaining the ELNET mark of Ethics

The Total Motor Show 2013

Since its inception almost ten years ago, the total motorshow has attracted key players in the auto industry. These include car manufacturers, accessories resellers and auto dealers among others. In the auto technology industry, Stoic Company ltd has been a key player and has participated in the annual event in the last 5 years.

The Total Motorshow 2013 ran from the 6th to the 8th of September 2013 at the KICC (Kenyatta International Conference Centre). Stoic, being a vehicle tracking and auto industry player, was a participant and was able to interact with both customers and other players in the industry as well.

Below is a photo of our staff members manning our stand at the motorshow.


We look forward to participating in more such events in future, so as to keep in touch with the needs of our customers as well as serve the Kenyan auto-industry as a player.


Given the dynamic nature of the world’s markets, new challenges come up every day. In order to meet them, Stoic is ever coming up with new solutions for its clients. It is in this regard, that we are now proud to announce the launch of the following products:

1. Genset monitoring solutions

2. Petrol station monitoring solutions

3. Construction equipment monitoring solutions

4. Auto Advantage Card

1. Genset monitoring solutions

This solution helps our clients remotely monitor their generator sets. With this, they’ll be able to see engine performance, emergency events, fuel levels among others. Read more…

2. Petrol Station monitoring solutions

This products helps clients automate the process of managing their fuel tanks at petrol stations. It eliminates such things as manual dipping and helps to detect fuel adulteration. Read more…

3. Construction equipment monitoring solutions

This product helps our clients to remotely monitor their construction equipment. They’re able to see such things as equipment vehicle location, fuel levels etc. Read more…

4. Auto Advantage Card

Stoic Company limited and AA Kenya have partnered to ensure that you get the ultimate auto security solution. The Auto Advantage card is designed with plans for both the transporter with a fleet and day to day person. Read more…

Kenya Airways Expands Enigma Skyline GPS Tracking with New Driver ID System

Based on the performance of the Skyline system on the Kenya Airways vehicle fleet, the company has expanded use of tracking to 30 airside service vehicles and upgraded the system with a new RFID driver tagging system from Enigma to identify drivers and improve operational safety at Jomo Kenyata Airport in Nairobi. The new Skyline GPS tracking units supplied by Enigma Vehicle Systems PLC enables Kenya Airways to identify in real time the drivers and the vehicles they are driving and to create historic information for management purposes.

The RFID system ensures that only the correct drivers can drive a particular vehicle. For example, only baggage handlers can now drive the baggage trucks, whilst passenger transfer drivers are the only personnel authorised to drive the transfer buses. This improves safety and enables more effective management and control of the airside ground operations at the airport.

The Skyline RFID tagging systems from Enigma are designed to monitor, control and protect the use of vehicle fleets run by airlines, airport operators, bus and coach companies, local authorities, utility companies, construction contractors and many others.

In the Skyline e-driver system being used by Kenya Airways, the vehicle is equipped with a Skyline+ compact vehicle tracker from Enigma with an RFID reader. The vehicle will not start unless the driver’s tag is presented and once the tag ID is read and accepted, the driver name is mapped on to the Skyline server and the driver for the period the vehicle is being used is always known.

This system helps to overcome problems in single vehicle/multi-driver scenarios where vehicles are shared by a variety of people. The traceability of drivers afforded by the Skyline e-driver system allows managers to ensure compliance with an organisation’s vehicle use and safety rules and enforce these if necessary.

In an open letter to the president, Dr. Fred Mugambi Mwirigi of Jommo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology made reference to the model of Stoic’s fleet management system as a possible technological solution to the increasing road carnage on Kenyan roads. In the letter, he suggested that all PSVs (Public Service Vehicles) be fitted with trackers to enable police track errant drivers, since the system would automatically raise red flags whenever there was overspeeding, route deviation and such other errant behaviour.
Daily Nation Editorial, Daily Nation
The Skyline system has all the features that our Kenyan customers require and the RFID features allow us to provide even greater value. We work closely with our customers both large and small to improve and develop the system for the Kenyan market. Enigma is constantly delivering new features making Skyline the most advanced system available.
Paul Mahiaini, Managing Director of Stoic, Stoic Company Limited