Knowing where your dear car is at all times is very paramount to your peace of mind.
Car data is refreshed every 10-30 seconds providing your car exact position 24/7. Good News is! YOUR CAR IS SAFE WITH US! Over the years STOIC has recovered massive stolen cars and have managed to increase recovery rate by 98%…  Read More

Are you delighted and intrigued with trinkets and gadgets for your car? Do you take pride in having the latest invention that compliments your car or enhances your driving experience? Do you revel in the comfort of a decked out interior? Maybe you simply have to have everything on the market to protect your car and its occupants. We’re here to help. For all the accessories addicts out there, this page is for you…. Read More

How do you know your generator is being maintained, that there is fuel in the tank or how many blackouts hours it has run? Using STOICs Generator Monitoring Solution you can now achieve all of this and more… Read More

With global fuel prices going up high, cost of fuel has become a daily concern, and thus effective fuel usage has become the most urgent and fundamentally important in running a successful fleet operation. GPS Fuel Monitoring Tracker gives you a chance to monitor and reduce fuel cost by at least 40% … Read More

Are you looking for a comprehensive Fleet Management Software Solution for ALL YOUR VEHICLES that will drive you forward? Do you have complete visibility over your fleet movement and operation processes? If not, why not? STOIC has the technology to provide you with optimal fleet management and visibility… Read More

Designed specifically for the construction industry, the STOIC EQUIPMENT monitor platform provides critical data to help you make informed decisions and understand the utilization and production of your fleet anywhere and any place … Read More

Fundis link, a company that offers fundis services online for individual and commercial purposes and a sister company to Stoic.
We have vetted, worked and daily interactions with different fundis by training them in their different kind of sector. Fundis Link realized that fundis are a desperate, marginalized, lowly paid, and learned (some), illiterate, honest, friendly, drunk and confused lot.
We have a database of over 1000 fundis on our database in different kind of categories for more info kindly visit our website….  Read More

‘Bebalink connects you to any transport service wherever you are, whenever you want. Be it taxi, towing, ambulance and emergency services, school pick and drop or bodaboda services, just set up your pick up and drop off location, select a package of your choice and ride.With the tap of a button, Bebalink connects you to the nearest driver to your location and you even get an estimated time for pick-up before you book your trip. Track your car in real time as it comes to pick you up in minutes….Read More


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