Stoiclink is a sister company of Stoic Company Limited. In this fast changing world of technology,everyone wants to get services at the palm of their hands thus stoiclink has a research and development team coming up with uber-type applications to enhance service provision in the local market by use of mobile phones. There are currently two main products in the market:

With the tap of a button, Bebalink connects you to the nearest driver to your location and you even get an estimated time for pick-up before you book your trip. Track your car in real time as it comes to pick you up in minutes. Safety is a top Bebalink priority; all of our drivers are vetted and licensed by the national transport and safety authority

An app to get assistance anytime, anywhere.
All our over 1,000 fundis are carefully selected through a rigorous interview process and are trained to offer high Quality Service to our clients. The Client account is primary for the app users. With the client account. Your can be able to book jobs via our web portal. A wallet account is automatically created for you. you can then top up the account and use your wallet to pay for services.

We link you to services ranging from

  • 1. Plumbing
  • 2. Floor painting
  • 3. Gas delivery etc