Stoic Company Ltd offers the most comprehensive solution in the market when it comes to knowing exactly how much fuel you have in your construction equipment, the rate at which it is being consumed and which equipment consumes how much fuel. Our solutions are both accurate and reliable. From complete fuel accountability to total reconciliation and protection against fuel theft, Stoic keeps you and your assets covered.


  • Monitor diesel consumption, ON time of heavy / mobile equipment
  • Ensure that only qualified / authorized operator operates the equipment
  • Instant notifications via SMS and emails in case of mishaps or illegitimate activities
  • Provide reminders and hence assist in timely completion of regulatory / government documentation


  • Earth moving equipment
  • Construction machinery
  • Stone crushers


  • Excavators
  • Bulldozers
  • Wheel Loaders
  • Screen / Crusher
  • RMC trucks
  • Mobile RMC plants
  • Hydraulic impact hammers
  • Motor graders
  • Haul trucks
  • Asphalt pavers
  • Concrete pavers

Our Benefits to YOU

A. Centralized monitoring of equipment using a web portal

  • Know number of shifts / hours the equipment was operated
  • Monitor fuel levels and catch fuel thefts
  • Monitor critical parameters such as RPM of excavators, engine temperature
  • Monitor
  • Count number of hours the excavator was operated for bucket Vs breaker
  • Count total run hours to decide when to do preventive maintenance
  • Monitor
  • Use camera to take period photos of the site / usage / tool being used / operator using the equipment
  • Daily / weekly / monthly reports for billing / maintenance / efficiency calculation / fuel economy computation (number of hours per litre of diesel)

B. Consolidated workforce management for increased productivity

  • Operator attendance tracking to assist in monthly leaves and salary computations
  • Operator identification using RFID and photos to prevent unauthorized access
  • Real time video and photo evidence to help in resolving disputes
  • Following reports to increase operational efficiency:
  • Detailed hours-worked shift summary report for day-to-day monitoring
  • Operator productivity report – split of working hours and breaks taken during a shift
  • Report of amount of time spent in vehicle maintenance

C. Continuous monitoring of mobile equipment / vehicles

  • 24 x 7 online device monitoring / supervision
  • Instant alerts / alarms in cases of:
  • Breakdowns
  • Equipment / vehicle moves out of designated area
  • Over speeding alerts useful for dumpers, trailers, trucks, tippers, etc
  • Over loading of dumpers / tippers etc
  • Machine / equipment is switched OFF for more than stipulated time

D. Important reminders for timely completion of regulatory documentation

  • Insurance
  • Road tax
  • Road Permit
  • Authorization
  • P.U.C.
  • Vehicle fitness certificate