Incorporating STOIC generator  monitor solution and STOIC tech team carrying out Quartely Routine Check of the Generator and only 1 or 2 Annual maintenance we guarantee a minimum saving of 40% per Generator

Online generator monitoring software is crucial for effective generator management. It enables the operator to keep a ‘virtual eye’ on expensive assets when visits on-site aren’t possible or practical.

The software allows the operator to monitor the following features;


  • Real-time update of the Working Status of generator
  • You can Start and Shutdown remotely
  • You can monitor generator run hours
  • You can be able to know the actual level of fuel in the tank
  • You can be able to know the exact amount of fuel refilled
  • You can be able to know when the generator is due for service and keep service history as well
  • You can get on both SMS/Email Abnormal Alerts
  • You can get to know when the Battery has low voltage

Our Benefits to YOU

  • Remotely supervise the genset
  • Reduces the equipment operation expenses
  • Easily and anytime get the status of the genset
  • Reduces the risk of fuel theft
  • Save on wasted refuelling and maintenance trips
  • Early and rapid detection to support reaction to remote site events
  • Monitor and detect fuel siphoning and fuel-invoicing errors