To professionalize the informal sector
To provide the home & corporate facilities with the highest quality services


To enable you enjoy peace and tranquility within your home, periodic maintenance is essential. This entails small jobs such as hanging art work and changing light fixtures to bigger tasks that include painting, installation of shelves and curtain rods and refitting bathrooms. These are typically referred to as “handyman services”, and are performed by what we call fundis.

It sometimes becomes difficult securing a qualified and reliable fundi who will perform these jobs competently and affordably. Even after securing one, the headache of supervising the work to ensure it is done to your standards can be daunting. At best most seek referrals from friends and relatives to secure a “reliable” fundi and when desperate, even posters on trees that advertise such services will do. The risks in such cases are enormous and include poor workmanship, being conned or being robbed.

Fundis Link…

The good news is that Fundis Link is now offering handyman services and we have raised the bar of the standard of services offered. We are a subsidiary of Stoic Link and was conceived on the realization of the risks Kenyans undertake and the frustrations they undergo when requiring handyman services.

We are also keen on eliminating the headaches associated with such services by being your reliable partner.

How we do it…

Fundis Link has partnered with various agents in different regions and who are assigned fundis. These agents include hardware stores, tile suppliers and supermarkets and have been selected based on such criteria as geographical, financial and experience. They are in charge of various fundis such as carpenters, masons, plumbers, electricians and roofers. The agents ensure the work is done to your satisfaction and that the pricing quoted is competitive. They are also a reference point should issues of workmanship arise.

We are also continuously partnering with manufacturers of hardware items such as paints, brushes and cement and the benefits accrued will be passed on to you. We are also working closely with National Construction Authority to ensure all legal requirements are adhered to and that our fundis comply and are registered with them.

Our platform…

Fundis Link is an online e-commerce platform with a web and mobile application interface which provides a database of fundis across various sectors. The fundis on our database are well trained, vetted and region based to ensure all areas are covered, starting with Nairobi and later on to other parts of Kenya. Each region will be well catered for to enable a quick response time when services are demanded but also carefully placed to ensure they are fully occupied.


Its basically three simple steps

Select a Service

From a list of all the services we offer, Pick a service where your Task/Job falls in. Emergency services are also available at a small fee.

Select a fundi

Choose a fundi based on the agent closest to you.


Take a cup of coffee as you wait our professionals to do the work for you.

Services currently on offer…

  • Painting
  • Auto care
  • Computer repairs
  • Welding
  • Security
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Carpentry
  • Household appliance repairs
  • House keeping
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Cooking gas delivery
  • Interior décor
  • DST installation
  • Davis & Shirtliff
  • Pest control
  • Masonry
  • Contractors
  • Drivers
  • Music lessons

We are the experts in our field. We link you to qualified and well equipped Handy Men and Women.

We are Professionals
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