Bebalink connects you to any transport service wherever you are, whenever you want. Be it taxi services, towing services, ambulance and emergency services, school pick and drop services or boda-boda services, just set up your pick up and drop off location, select a package of your choice and ride.
With the tap of a button, Bebalink connects you to the nearest driver to your location and you even get an estimated time for pick-up before you book your trip. Track your car in real time as it comes to pick you up in minutes.
Safety is a top Bebalink priority; all of our drivers are vetted and licensed by the national transport and safety authority.
Application features include:

  • Sign up and Login Module: Ability to sign up via email and mobile number where customer will enter his/ her valid email address or mobile number in proper format.
  • Location wise Fare Detection: The fares are updated according to the user’s current location.
  • Pickup and Drop Location: The user can set the Pickup and drop Location according to where he needs to take the ride from.
  • Estimated Arrival Time: When the User selects the Ride Now option in the App the Confirm option shows up where you can see the estimated time for the truck to reach you.
  • Estimated Fare: The user may also see the estimated fare for the ride.
  • Know your driver:Before your taxi arrives we will send you the drivers name, taxi type, car registration number and photo.
  • Payment Options: Along with the estimated time and amount you can set up your payment options too. The user can pay via Cash or MPESA for the ride.
  • Ride Allocation: When the user confirms the ride from his end, the app automatically allocates the ride to the nearest driver.
  • Fare Calculation: The App automatically calculates the fare for the ride by taking the distance from Pickup Location to Drop Location.
  • Waiting Time Charges Calculation: The app automatically calculates the fare for the waiting time and includes it in the total amount.
  • Rate Ride: The riders are given an option to rate the ride they took. They can rate the Driver accordingly for the Admin and the users to view.
  • Submit Comment: The users can also comment after rating the ride to share in detail the experience of their ride.
  • 24/7 customer support: This is provided by dispatch operations from Bebalink’s control room.


Its basically three simple steps


Ask for a rider

Relax and wait for delivery


• Towing services: Bebalink provides towing services for all commercial, personal and recreational vehicles. Our fleet is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with our control room on standby. We pride ourselves on our quick response times, typically sending a truck out within minutes of your request on the Bebalink app. It is understood that time is money, so we make every call a priority.

• BodaBoda Services: Bebalink provides a low cost and reliable courier distribution service across key locations in Nairobi. With Nairobi’s incredible levels of traffic congestion, getting a parcel, document or other small consignment delivered urgently becomes hectic. Bebalink’s ultra-fast 2-wheeled couriers are simply the best courier of choice.

• Emergency and Rescue Services: In case of an emergency, you can easily request for an ambulance and get transportation to a hospital of your choice. This will also make non-emergency patient transport such as hospital to hospital or hospital to home transfer easy for you.

• Hotel Transfer Services: Bebalink can help you arrange convenient, stylish transportation within the city and beyond. Let us simplify your arrival with a greeting service and transfer from the airport to the Hotel and any other destination of your choice. Let us help ensure an easy start to your stay in the City under the Sun. With the assistance of our expert drivers, your experience will begin as soon as you step off the plane.

• School Pick and Drop: Getting your child to school on time is incredibly important, as their education is probably the most important thing in their life. Unfortunately, the rigors of modern life mean that it isn’t always easy to get your kids to school and then make it to work on time – which is where we are able to help. We offer a reliable service whereby we will provide a taxi to school for your children, ensuring that they are there on time and don’t miss any valuable lessons. All of the drivers we use for this service are thoroughly vetted before starting, therefore meaning that your children will be completely safe when being transported by them.Safety is our main focus at Bebalink.

Download Bebalink today on the Appstore or Playstore and enjoy convenience and reliability.

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