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Tints Lumah


Ultra private; great for Show vehicles
Extra durable with Scratch Fighter protection
Stay cool with comfort and style
Energy savings – insulating properties reduce air conditioning use in the summer and heat loss in winter
Includes application instructions in every box

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Product Description

Specification : Size : 6m x 76cm / 19.68ft x 2.49ft Color : Medium Smoke Visible Light Transmission : 25% Ultra Violet Rejection : 99% High Heat Rejection : 82% Benifits : -Tint rear windows in your vehicle to protect pets from sunlight. -Use as a security measure to conceal contents of your van or boot space. -Darken the car interior for clearer viewing of rear DVD screens. -Prevents windows from shattering in event of an accident. -Increase Comfort – The film reflects the sun’s heat. -Protects Your Vehicle – The films UV radiation blocking action slows down fading of interior fabrics and plastics, helping to keep your vehicle interior looking new for years. Enhances your vehicle appearance. -Reduce glare – enhance driving safety. Fitment : Apply windows on cars, campers, vans and boats, conservatories houses, any other buildings… Fitting Instruction : you need to : 1.degrease windows, 2.cut film roughly to window size (a little bigger), 3.remove protective film from tint – stick tape on both sides of corner and pull, 4.apply tint with sticky side to the window using water, 5.remove outstanding water and air, 6.cut properly to window size. Note : Tint is fitted on inside part of window. Package includes : 1 x Roll Windows Tint


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