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    Description *************************** Car Radio FM Band Expander Frequency Import Converter shifter Japan to Rest  of the World Wave Band Universal Japanese Vehicles Quantity : 1 Piece *************************** Extra Details *************************** Universal for all Vehicles The Radio Band Expander enables the original equipment radio in Japanese import cars to receive UK radio transmissions. Electronic circuit with both active and passive connections It achieves this by shifting the UK transmission frequencies into the band that the Japanese radio will detect. Japan likes to be unique. So, the Japanese government mandated that Japanese FM operate from 76MHz to 90MHz. Which is, of course, different from most of the rest of the world, which operates from 88MHz to 108MHz. Because of this difference, a converter is necessary to make the FM tuners of Japanese Domestic Market car stereos work outside of Japan. The FM Radio Band Expander Converter that we include with every purchase is an elegant piece of machinery that attaches in-line with the antenna input on the stereo. 12V + & - Very Important Positive/Negative Supply Connection (Note there are other Band Expanders on eBay with one Positive (+) connection only, these will give you a interferences humming sound) Receives all stations from 88Mhz to 108Mhz. All circuits require both positive and negative voltages. A power supply must be used to provide each polarity. The supply for positive voltage will have the negative terminal as a return, and the negative supply will have the positive terminal as the return. These two terminals are connected together, forming a common return path for load current. RELIABLE : each unit is individually precisely tuned for desired band on appropriate RF test equipment.
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    • The Turtle Wax Wet 'N' Black Tyre Dressing has a blend of silicone polymers which achieve a longer lasting shine. • It is easy to apply, with no messy overspray & contains UV inhibitors to protect against sun damage. • It can also be applied to black bumpers & hard vinyl trim. Leaves a deep black, wet look tyres. • Contains UV inhibitors to protect against sun damage. • 500ml Aerosol.
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    Ultra private; great for Show vehicles Extra durable with Scratch Fighter protection Stay cool with comfort and style Energy savings - insulating properties reduce air conditioning use in the summer and heat loss in winter Includes application instructions in every box